Flaws in AI seen despite AlphaGo victory

TOKYO — The victory of Google’s Go-playing computer program in the recent best-of-five match against one of the best living human players of the ancient board game demonstrated the amazing power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence. But AlphaGo’s performances during the match against South Korea’s Lee Sedol, held on March 9-15 in Seoul, also shed lights on some weaknesses, as well as strengths, of an AI approach known as deep learning.      AlphaGo, an AI system designed by a team of researchers at Google DeepMind, an AI lab in London, defeated the Go grandmaster by winning four of the five games.      Google is on the leading edge of research in deep learning, a branch of AI focused on mimicking the activity in layers of neurons in the human brain.…

Link to Full Article: Flaws in AI seen despite AlphaGo victory

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