Forget chatbots, KLM banks on a hybrid of humans and machines

Dutch airline KLM has partnered with DigitalGenius to help incorporate machine learning into its customer service, but humans are in no way getting replaced. While robots remain a common theme in the ‘who will take your job?’ discussions adorning much of the debate about the future of work, very few have looked at the complementary, rather than the industrial revolutionary, side of things. Monotonous, often menial tasks, have forever come under attack from technology, with machines now operating across most manufacturing lines, though that doesn’t mean we should all fear change. Take customer care, for example, something that seems monotonous, often menial, but would struggle to fully work on automation. The banking industry embraced recorded contact before most industries, with automated phone calls the source of consumer frustration for decades…

Link to Full Article: Forget chatbots, KLM banks on a hybrid of humans and machines

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