Four Questions For: David Brin

Tweet Share Post What are the key revolutionary developments that are about to happen or that are happening in artificial intelligence?Portions of the intelligencia – typified by Google’s Ray Kurzweil – foresee AI, or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) bringing good news, perhaps even transcendence for members of the Olde Race of bio-organic humanity 1.0. Advertisement Others, such as Stephen Hawking and Francis Fukayama, warn that the arrival of sapient, or super- sapient machinery may bring an end to our species – or at least its relevance on the cosmic stage – a potentiality evoked in many a lurid Hollywood film. Taking middle ground, SpaceX/Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk has joined with YCombinator founder Sam Altman to establish OpenAI, an endeavor that aims to keep artificial intelligence research – and its products…

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