Ga. Tech Scientists, Don Quixote Teach Robots Human Values

For a robot waiting in line to pay for its owner’s medication, the fastest and most efficient method of getting the medication might be to steal the pills and leave the store without paying. But as humans, Mark Riedl says, we’ve decided that’s not the right way. Riedl is an associate professor in the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing and director of the Entertainment Intelligence Lab. He’s developed a new system to teach robots how to play nice. It involves programming robots with information, like children’s stories, that display human values and socially appropriate behaviors. Harm To Humans Riedl predicts that with advances in artificial intelligence, there will be even greater interaction between people and intelligent computers, such as with robots delivering home health care, completing errands or driving…

Link to Full Article: Ga. Tech Scientists, Don Quixote Teach Robots Human Values

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