Getting Graphics Chips to Think on Their Own

Nvidia’s microprocessors have long been the chips of choice for computer game addicts who crave realistic graphics as they chase aliens or battle enemy soldiers. The same powerful semiconductors are now being put to new uses at companies including Alibaba, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Nvidia’s graphics chips underpin speech recognition systems, software to develop gene therapies, and programs that transform satellite photos into detailed maps. Researchers at DeepMind, a Google-owned lab in London, harnessed thousands of Nvidia’s K40 graphics processors, which cost $3,000 apiece, to train a computer to play Go, an ancient board game. In what was praised as a milestone in artificial intelligence, DeepMind’s machine beat a European Go champion in five out of five matches last year. In March it will take on the world’s top-ranked professional…

Link to Full Article: Getting Graphics Chips to Think on Their Own

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