Giraffe learns to play chess in a day: AI report

Giraffe is not a mammal with a long neck who’s a champion at cleaning up tree tops. Giraffe is actually an AI or artificial intelligence who has amazed the industry with its performance these past few days. Giraffe learnt to play chess in only one day and actually learnt to play like an international champion, which is a first for artificial intelligence. Although there are many bots that can play chess, none of them can learn and assimilate the game on a professional level in just one day. Giraffe did and has been crowned the AI champion of chess in humoristic communities at least. Giraffe is a program designed by Matthew Lai, who is a student at the London Imperial College. He based the design of the AI on an…

Link to Full Article: Giraffe learns to play chess in a day: AI report

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