Google AI beats legendary player in Chinese board game

The number of possible positions in Go are more than, they say, the number of atoms in the universe. In a new feat, Google-run artificial intelligence (AI) programme “AlphaGo” has defeated legendary player Lee Se-dol in Go — a complex Chinese board game that is considered the “quintessential unsolved problem” for machine intelligence. The win came in the first tie of the five-match series being held in Seoul, South Korea. The tournament, “Google Deepmind Challenge match”, started on March 8 and will conclude on March 15. “Lee resigned after about three-and-a-half hours, with 28 minutes and 28 seconds remaining on his clock. The series is the first time a professional 9-dan Go player has taken on a computer, and Lee is competing for a $1 million prize,” The Verge reported…

Link to Full Article: Google AI beats legendary player in Chinese board game

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