Google AI Wins Final Go Match

It’s a good day for the programmers on Google’s DeepMind team. In the final matchup pitting their artificial intelligence against a real, live world-champion South Korean Go player, the machine emerged victorious over human, taking the series 4-1, in a major feat for the field of AI. South Korea’s Lee Se-dol cinched just one win in the 5-game series against the Google googl bot. But this final matchup was no easy task for the machine. Lee, 33, fought back hard, going into overtime against the program before ultimately resigning the match, The Verge reported. The machine, called AlphaGo, also made a major mistake early on in the final game that had some worried it could cost it the match. #AlphaGo wins game 5! One of the most incredible games ever.…

Link to Full Article: Google AI Wins Final Go Match

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