Google AlphaGo ‘can’t beat me’ says China Go grandmaster

Google DeepMind Challenge Match. Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) program AlphaGo beat top-class South Korean Go player Lee Se-dol in the ancient board game Go   By Neil Connor, Beijing 11:34AM GMT 11 Mar 2016 Follow A Chinese teenage prodigy in the board game Go has labelled Google’s AlphaGo “weaker” than him and confidently declared that he could take on the computer programme. “Even if AlphaGo can defeat Lee Se-dol, it can’t beat me,” 18-year-old Ke Jie said on his microblog account, as the programme stunned the world with two victories over the South Korean grandmaster this week. AlphaGo went 2-0 ahead on Thursday in its matches with Mr Lee, who has won 18 world titles. Go is one of the final games in which humans have maintained their superiority over…

Link to Full Article: Google AlphaGo ‘can’t beat me’ says China Go grandmaster

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