Google and NASA Have A New Quantum Computer

It looks like the holiday season came early for Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab. Google, NASA, and the Universities Space Research Association announced today that they’re getting the D-Wave 2X, the newest and most powerful quantum computer on the market. The 2X doubles the amount of qubits (a unit of quantum information analogous to a classical bit) from D-Wave’s previous model, to 1,000, and operates at 15 millikelvin (very, very, very cold). In the seven-year agreement, D-Wave will supply Google with any updated models they produce of the machine as well. The new machine will continue the work presently being done in Google’s lab, optimization problems and machine learning, with time on the D-Wave given to all partners. Quantum computing is a tricky business. Beyond the general premise,…

Link to Full Article: Google and NASA Have A New Quantum Computer

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