Google Artificial Intelligence Knows Where Your Photos Were Taken

Internet search giant Google has unveiled an artificial intelligence that can identify where a photo was taken even without well-known landmarks, geotags or GPS.The software, called PlaNet, uses a database of over millions of geotagged photos organized along 26,000 grids to compare different aspects such as building styles, languages and plant life.“PlaNet is able to localize 3.6% of the images at street-level accuracy and 10.1% at city-level accuracy. 28.4% of the photos are correctly localized at country level and 48.0% at continent level,” wrote the research team in a paper about the project, according to the Christian Science Monitor.The team also compared how PlaNet compared with well-traveled humans.Using the online game Geoguessr, PlaNet went up against 10 globetrotting humans.”PlaNet won 28 of the 50 rounds with a median localization error…

Link to Full Article: Google Artificial Intelligence Knows Where Your Photos Were Taken

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