Google DeepMind AI Harnesses Machine Learning To Conquer Blindness

Google DeepMind recently commenced a new collaboration with the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS). DeepMind is working with Moorfields Eye Hospital in east London. The goal is to create a machine learning system that will be able use digital eye scans in order to recognize sight-threatening conditions. Moorfields Eye Hospital  DeepMind researchers will use millions of anonymous eye scans to train an algorithm to better spot the early signs of eye conditions. Professor Peng Tee Khaw, the head of Moorfields’ Ophthalmology Research Centre, remarked, “These scans are incredibly detailed, more detailed than any other scan of the body we do: we can see at the cellular level.” This algorithm could potentially improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.The collaboration was organized by Dr. Pearse Keane, a consultant ophthalmologist at…

Link to Full Article: Google DeepMind AI Harnesses Machine Learning To Conquer Blindness

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