Google DeepMind Is Now Analysing Magic And Hearthstone Cards

With retro games and Go well-conquered, where is an artificial intelligence like Google DeepMind meant to turn next? Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, obviously. Before you get too excited (or maybe insanely depressed as you imagine a toaster holding aloft the Magic World Championship trophy on its ejection lever), there are no plans to set the AI loose on playing these popular card games. At least not yet. For now, the folks over at Oxford University are happy enough for DeepMind to analyse card data and transform it into code. Essentially, the task it is being set is one of translating the data from human to machine speak and while the cards have their own game “language” and structure, they can certainly throw some curveballs. Here it is explained in…

Link to Full Article: Google DeepMind Is Now Analysing Magic And Hearthstone Cards

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