Google Developing Panic Button To Kill Rogue AI

As Google develops artificial intelligence that has smarter-than-human capabilities, it’s teamed up with Oxford University researchers to create a panic button to interrupt a potentially rogue AI agent. Google I/O 2016: AI, VR Get Day In The Sun (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) With artificial intelligence crossing milestones in its capability to learn rapidly from its environment and beat humans at tasks and games from Jeopardy to the ancient Chinese game Go, Alphabet’s Google is taking proactive steps to ensure that the technology it is creating does not one day turn against humans. Google’s AI research lab in London, DeepMind, teamed up with Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute to explore ways to prevent an AI agent from going rogue. In their joint-study, “Safely Interruptible Agents,” the DeepMind-Futureā€¦

Link to Full Article: Google Developing Panic Button To Kill Rogue AI

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