Google Facilitates Massive Strives in AI Through TensorFlow Serving

Google released a new open-source project today, called TensorFlow Serving, which aids developers in large-scale modeling projects. The software is open-source and is designed to allow AI developers to easily push their trained models into production to perform inferences based on a client’s request. The new system renders the developers to experiment their models and adjust their algorithms as new data arrives, without the need to change server and APIs. Currently, the software only supports the companies own TensorFlow Library for machine learning, but it is expected that Google may soon share this component with models designed on other platforms. So far, it looks like the move is to enhance the whole process of expressing algorithms and the system has the ability to give users real-time feedback regarding the efficacy…

Link to Full Article: Google Facilitates Massive Strives in AI Through TensorFlow Serving

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