Google Has Developed AI That Can Navigate 3D Spaces

After conquering several dozen 2D video games in the past, Google’s artificial intelligence arm, DeepMind, has added another dimension. The company’s researchers have shown in a new paper published Friday that its algorithms are now capable of navigating 3D virtual spaces—specifically, a maze game and a simple racing game—with impressive accuracy. The company’s technology “succeeds on a wide variety of continuous motor control problems as well as on a new task involving finding rewards in random 3D mazes using a visual input,” the researchers wrote in the paper. This technology builds on a paper published last year which showed that the programs DeepMind built could play 49 different Atari games. In 23 of them, it beat professional human players. DeepMind’s AI plays video games as though it were…

Link to Full Article: Google Has Developed AI That Can Navigate 3D Spaces

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