Google Is Worried It Might Turn Robots Into Addicts

Warner Brothers Humanity doesn’t trust robots. Really, you don’t need to look any further than our movies to see that. People want to see the Terminator far more than they want to see Johnny 5. Yet Google, supposedly made up of humans, has been slow to acknowledge this. Thankfully, though, they’ve just admitted they’re working on a way to keep the AIs they’re building in check. In a long, math-heavy paper called Safely Interruptible Agents, Google and Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute lay out how to create an off-switch for an artificial intelligence or, more feasibly, an advanced intelligent agent, like a factory robot. The issue is that increasing we’re using systems that give positive feedback to robots and AIs when they do something we like, and negative feedback…

Link to Full Article: Google Is Worried It Might Turn Robots Into Addicts

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