Google ‘Project Magenta’ Drops First (Machine-Learned) Song

Watch out, electronica artists. Google’s here. It’s a long way to Carnegie Hall, but we bet that Google researchers are already thinking of the day when they can send a robot or AI to play an interesting, improvised piano performance in a major venue. While that’s not the stated end goal of Magenta, a new project from the Google Brain team, it’s certainly a possibility. The entire premise of Magenta is built around two simple questions: Can machines make art? And can machines make music? And, dare we say it, there’s also an unstated third question: Can machines make either art or music that’s any good? We’ll let you judge the last one. Here’s the first piece of music from Google’s machine-learning system. It’s only 90 seconds long, but it’s…

Link to Full Article: Google ‘Project Magenta’ Drops First (Machine-Learned) Song

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