Google scientists propose adding a ‘kill switch’ for A.I.

Researchers from Alphabet’s DeepMind, the company Google bought for $500 million and which made headlines when their engineers made an A.I. that beat the world’s Go champion, are taking artificial intelligence threats very seriously. They propose adding a sort of kill switch that should prevent an A.I. from going rogue and potentially cause enormous damage. Credit: News Dumper Nick Bostrom, a thin, soft-spoken Swede is the biggest A.I. alarmist in the world. His seminal book Superintelligence warns that once artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, we might be in for trouble. One famous example Bostrom talks about in his book is the ultimate paper clip manufacturing machine. Bostrom argues that as the machine become smarter and more powerful, it will begin to devise all sorts of clever ways to convert any material into…

Link to Full Article: Google scientists propose adding a ‘kill switch’ for A.I.

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