Google Self-Driving Car Project learning to live with cyclists

The months go on, the miles keep piling up, and Google’s Self-Driving Project continues to learn more about autonomous vehicles and driving. In the June 2016 Google Self-Driving Car Project Monthly Report the focus was on sharing the road with cyclists.Google’s report referred to the rising number of cyclists and bike trips in the U.S., and related accident statistics. In 2014, according to the report, there were more than 720 cycling fatalities and 50,000 injuries on public roads. The company states that, in part because many members of Google’s engineering team are cyclists, the cars have been programmed to “recognize cyclists as unique users of the road, and are taught to drive conservatively around them.” Related: When does a toot become a honk? The big question pondered by Google’s self-driving team The Google self-driving…

Link to Full Article: Google Self-Driving Car Project learning to live with cyclists

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