Google Working On ‘Kill Switch’ To Stop Rogue AI

Engineers from Google’s DeepMind division, which looks at developing artificial intelligence, in conjunction with scientists from Oxford University are working on a ‘kill switch’ for humans to be able to override any rogue AI agent. AI and their human slaves Fears of intelligent technology, turning on its human masters, has been a staple topic of books and films since the first computers were invented. From HAL in 2001: Space Odyssey to the Terminator franchise, it is something we have become used to seeing in fiction. However, with advances in new technologies in the AI field, we are seeing AI have the potential to be ever more powerful. Only this year, Google’s AI managed to defeat Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol four to one in the complicated game of Go. This potential is great, but we need…

Link to Full Article: Google Working On ‘Kill Switch’ To Stop Rogue AI

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