Google’s AI Research Head Will Take Over Search

Google searches might get a lot smarter than they already are. Amit Singhal, Google’s head of search, announced he will be retiring at the end of February, and will be replaced by John Giannandrea, the current head of Google’s machine learning and artificial intelligence push. Giannandrea (who told PopSci about his plans for the future of Google’s A.I. in the fall) was brought into Google in 2010, after the company acquired his startup Metaweb. That technology became the underlying structure of Google’s knowledge graph, which uses machine learning to pull in information and answers based on user searches. If you ask Google about a date in history, the knowledge graph will look for it and display it above any links. Same with a notable person (e.g. actor and politician), movies,…

Link to Full Article: Google’s AI Research Head Will Take Over Search

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