Google’s Artificial Intelligence Beats Legendary Go Player

The Chinese board game has been a big challenge for artificial intelligence Google’s artificial intelligence program AlphaGo, a product of the company’s DeepMind unit, has just marked a significant achievement, beating the legendary Go player Lee Se-dol in a three-and-a-half hour game, the Verge reports. Go, a Chinese board game that involves placing stones on a board to surround your opponent’s stones, presents a unique challenge to AI, as TIME wrote in January: Go is simple to play. But it’s deceptively deep and especially complicated for computers. AI programs play chess by constantly mapping out the results of every possible move from any given point in a match. But Go’s sheer number of possible boards—10761—makes that extremely difficult, if not outright impossible to do in a timely fashion. So it’s…

Link to Full Article: Google’s Artificial Intelligence Beats Legendary Go Player

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