Google’s Artificial Intelligence Sweeps Human ‘Go’ Champion

Google’s AlphaGo computer program has beaten a human Go grandmaster three consecutive times, clinching the five-game Google DeepMind Challenge series and marking a historic step in the progress of artificial intelligence. Lee Sedol, a Korean who is considered the second-best in the world at Go, was dominated by AlphaGo in the marquee man-versus-machine duel in Seoul. Go had been considered one of the last games humans in which have an advantage over artificial intelligence, as the East Asian game requires more complex decision-making intuitions than chess or Jeopardy. Try Newsweek: Subscription offers In the four hours of gameplay, “AlphaGo controlled the momentum…with Lee struggling to maintain territory against the program’s creative approach,” Demis Hassabis, co-founder of Google’s artificial intelligence business, DeepMind, which created AlphaGo, said during a press…

Link to Full Article: Google’s Artificial Intelligence Sweeps Human ‘Go’ Champion

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