Google’s DeepMind creates AI that replicates human speech

There is no doubt that Google has jumped on the artificial intelligence (AI) bandwagon and feels that the technology could have many positive implications. In fact, the technology giants are one of the pioneers in AI software. The company played a part in creating chatbots, a poetry writing software and even created a killswitch in case AI goes rogue. Their latest AI advancement comes in the form of AI speech. With current robotic speech, technology is pretty easy to distinguish between a human being and a Text-to-Speech system. But that may change, thanks to a new innovative technology created by a Google’s DeepMind team called WaveNet. The technology boasts a 50 percent improvement compared to current Technology. “Researchers usually avoid modelling raw audio because it ticks so quickly: typically 16,000…

Link to Full Article: Google’s DeepMind creates AI that replicates human speech

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