Google’s Game-Playing AI Software Isn’t Just For Fun

Training a software program to play an ancient Chinese board game helped Google’s DeepMind move artificial intelligence forward. A software program is about to take on one of the best living players of Go, an ancient Chinese board game. AlphaGo, developed by Google artificial intelligence research company DeepMind, will face off against Lee Se-dol, who has the second most international Go titles. Their series of matches starts March 9 and ends March 15. Basically, it’s man vs. machine, which makes for a pretty entertaining PR event. But the artificial intelligence company might have more to gain from competing than just public awareness and bragging rights. The competition is drawing comparisons to IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer beating world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. But Go isn’t like chess. In chess, there’s an average of…

Link to Full Article: Google’s Game-Playing AI Software Isn’t Just For Fun

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