Google’s Magenta Explores AI’s Music-Writing Abilities

Machine learning has already enabled Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) to beat a human champion at the complex game of Go and create psychedelic images in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. So it’s no surprise that the company has unveiled a new project to explore machine learning’s artistic and musical potential. Google research scientist Douglas Eck announced the public launch of Magenta yesterday in a post on the TensorFlow Web site. Developed by the Google Brain Team, TensorFlow is the company’s open source software library for machine intelligence.An MP3 sample of Magenta’s song-writing ability demonstrates a simple piano melody that, while not exactly hummable, clearly has structure and themes. It also illustrates one of the biggest challenges facing researchers trying to get machines to create art: how to teach AI…

Link to Full Article: Google’s Magenta Explores AI’s Music-Writing Abilities

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