Google’s Magenta wants to teach machines to be creative

A photo that’s been run through Google’s DeepDream neural network. – Lorenzo Tlacaelel/Wikimedia Commons We might have to start calling it “art-ificial intelligence.”  Magenta is an open-source Google Brain project exploring the intersection of music and machine learning. The project aims to teach artificial intelligence to be creative.   “Magenta asks the questions, ‘Can we use this technology to create art or music, or help artists and musicians create cooler art or cooler music?’” said Douglas Eck, research scientist working on the Magenta project.  In 2015, Google’s DeepDream successfully generated images of its own. The AI used the same artificial neural network system used to sort and categorize pictures on Google’s search engine (the program learns what each image is after sifting through thousands of tagged images). DeepDream inverted this process, and was able to…

Link to Full Article: Google’s Magenta wants to teach machines to be creative

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