Google’s new AI robot to mimic Human speech sound

Google’s DeepMind team has developed a artificial intelligence (AI) robot which can mimic human speech sound, duping humans to think they are talking to another person. The new AI robot, dubbed WaveNet, has been built by the same team that was responsible for developing AlphaGo — the robot that defeated some of the world’s best GO players. Artificial speech programmes are hard to create and developers currently use only two methods to methods for the same. The process involves collecting a large pool of words and speech fragments, spoken by a single person, making sounds and accent difficult to manipulate, according to technology website Engadget. However, the other process involves forming word’s electronically, depending on how they’re supposed to sound; the easier sound may be easier to tweak, but the…

Link to Full Article: Google’s new AI robot to mimic Human speech sound

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