Google’s Schmidt Sees AI Evolution As ‘Natural’ Despite Job Displacement

Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt acknowledges that artificial intelligence AI) will threaten many people’s jobs, but he sees this displacement as a “natural next step” for humanity. Schmidt’s words, reported by the Telegraph, came as he visited Seoul to see AlphaGo, a Go-playing AI developed by Google-owned DeepMind, take on world champion player Lee Sedol (at the time of writing, Lee was down one game to three). The Alphabet chair said AI would eventually be embedded in everything the Google parent does. Machine-learning technology, a building block of AI, is already crucial to how Google Search ranks its results, how the company’s cars figure out how to drive better, and how its robots learn how to do what people do. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter. The field of research has…

Link to Full Article: Google’s Schmidt Sees AI Evolution As ‘Natural’ Despite Job Displacement

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