Has artificial intelligence already surpassed the human brain?

Welcome to The Terminator… but not really. During their second match which took place in the early hours of the morning in U.S. time on Thursday, Google’s AlphaGo computer beat 18-time world champion Lee Sedol in a game of Go. It was the second of two matches won by the machine created by Google’s DeepMind Technologies division, which focuses on artificial intelligence. Should the computer prevail over South Korea’s Lee a third time, it will have won the competition and the $1 million purse. But even more interesting than the mere fact that Google’s AI computer is now up 2-0 is Lee’s response following the second match. Lee, who is one of the top Go masters in the world, said the game wasn’t even close. UP NEXT: I really want to, but…

Link to Full Article: Has artificial intelligence already surpassed the human brain?

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