Here’s How Neuroscience Can Help Improve Mobile Marketing

Since the beginning of time, the mind has been a mystery. Since the beginning of advertising, humans have tried to solve it. But it’s only been in the last decade that neuromarketing, as it’s known, has taken hold, with scientists studying the minutia of human response to TV spots, print ads and desktop promos. Now that iPhones and Samsung Galaxies have become ubiquitous, the world of neuromarketing is shifting its focus to unlocking the impact of mobile. To do that, marketers and agencies are turning to emerging technology—wireless EEG headsets, biometric scanners, and facial-and eye-tracking software—to understand the effectiveness of display and video ads on smartphones. And in order to make sense of the tens of thousands of stats, neuromarketing scientists have created algorithms that can decipher how people felt…

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