Here’s How We Can Stop Rogue A.I. from Imitating HAL 9000

Quantum computing will turbocharge artificial intelligence and bring forth a new demand for liberal arts skills, an expert has claimed. Faced with the coming automation of many analytical jobs in industries, humans will find themselves needing to fulfil roles that A.I. will struggle with, like subjective reasoning and artistic creativity. “I anticipate that within the next five to ten years, you have to move to the liberal arts, to the right brain set,” said Yuri van Geest, founder of SingularityU in the Netherlands and an expert in the singularity, at Cologne’s Pirate Summit 2016 on Wednesday. “Stuff that technology is not able to disrupt yet.” Where traditional computers work in a sequence, quantum computers are able to understand all possibilities at once. While a maze solving app would look at…

Link to Full Article: Here’s How We Can Stop Rogue A.I. from Imitating HAL 9000

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