How An A.I. Donald Trump Is Making Twitter Great Again

As if the world needed more Donald Trump, a researcher at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has created an artificial intelligence algorithm that spews Trumpisms, 1000 characters at a time. The neural network, called DeepDrumpf from John Oliver’s bit on Trump’s family name, trained on transcripts of Trump speaking at debates and interviews, generates 1,000-character chunks of text based on what it’s read. The network’s creator, post-doc Brad Hayes, then takes the best 140 characters and tweets them. All the speeches and debate transcripts only amount to about 200 kilobytes of data, Hayes told Popular Science, which is a very small amount of information for the network to learn from. Usually these algorithms require tens of millions of words, for something like Facebook’s automatic translation feature. With that…

Link to Full Article: How An A.I. Donald Trump Is Making Twitter Great Again

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