How dangerous is Artificial Intelligence spawned by smart machines

How dangerous is Artificial Intelligence spawned by smart machines

Experts in AI do not worry about new smart devices that can provide new era of artificial intelligence. Does it concern anyone?

It seems, that we forgot about scary science-fiction movies where robots with high intelligence can win the World. Experts don’t worry about such possibility.

Nigel Duffy, the software maker in Sentient Technologies thinks that this is just a distraction. He believes that people concern about other, more prevalent problems, like making money for example.

Duffy’s ideas repeated all the time by other scientists and software developers during the conference in Silicon Valley devoted to development of Artificial Intelligence.

Kevin Quennesson, engineer at Twitter’s AI learning division – Cortex, says that he is more concern with Global Warming right now.

This discussion began after one person from audience asked if they afraid of AI possibilities. Another question was about idea of human’s co-existing with super-intelligence.

Experts gave the main idea – they think it will take a long time till AI might create super-intelligent machines. It definitely will not happen in nearest future, so people do not need to worry about such terrible scenario.

Adam Cheyer, Vice President of AI product Viv, says that these questions are equal to concerns about co-existing of humans and aliens. Cheyer believes that it is more likely that we will be hurt by asteroids.

Source: How dangerous is Artificial Intelligence spawned by smart machines

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