How Far Can AlphaGo’s Artificial Intelligence Go?

by Angela Guess Emma Brunskill recently wrote in The New York Times, “Artificial intelligence research is making it easier to automate decisions from data. But though AlphaGo’s success is impressive, ultimately it is winning in a game, and that can only be extrapolated so far when it comes to real world problems. AlphaGo leverages three key insights to achieve unparalleled performance: It uses deep neural networks to make decisions directly based on the board configuration; it uses extensive prior data about human-vs-human games to bootstrap its learning; and it uses reinforcement learning to improve itself based on simulated game play. These incredible abilities will undoubtedly lead to substantial benefits for other non-game applications, such as robotics.” Brunskill goes on, “But for AlphaGo, which operates in a game, there is no…

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