How Google’s AI Viewed the Move No Human Could Understand

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — The move didn’t make sense to all the humans packed into the sixth floor of Seoul’s Four Seasons hotel. But the Google machine saw it quite differently. The machine knew the move wouldn’t make sense to all those humans. Yes, it knew. And yet it played the move anyway, because this machine has seen so many moves that no human ever has.In the second game of this week’s historic Go match between Lee Sedol, one of the world’s top players, and AlphaGo, an artificially intelligent computing system built by a small team of Google researchers, this surprisingly skillful machine made a move that flummoxed everyone from the throngs of reporters and photographers to the match commentators to, yes, Lee Sedol himself. “That’s a very strange move,”…

Link to Full Article: How Google’s AI Viewed the Move No Human Could Understand

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