How neurotechnology could help treat dyslexia

‘The BNA is the organisation that brings together people from different disciplines who wouldn’t otherwise talk to each other.’Professor Dame Uta Frith, UCL – winner of the BNA’s ‘Outstanding Contribution to Neuroscience Award’, 2013. 03 May 2016 – From helping humans live longer and hacking our performance, to repairing the body and understanding the brain, WIRED Health will hear from the innovators transforming this critical sector. John Donoghue wants to fix your brain. As director at the Wyss Center, Donoghue works in the field of neurotechnology – brain computer interfaces. While it sounds like the stuff of sci-fi, it’s not as distant a prospect as the idea might suggest. Cochlear implants, helping the deaf hear again, are a relatively common example, but Donoghue’s work goes a lot further. Read more…

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