How RAGE AI Makes Artificial Intelligence More Realistic

by Angela Guess The MIT Technology Review recently wrote, “When you first think of artificial intelligence (AI), you might envision a fully automated society in which robots serve our every need. Or you might imagine the disembodied voice of HAL, the recalcitrant computer that wouldn’t open the pod-bay doors in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ the renowned 1968 science-fiction film. But science fact is more practical, more affordable, and more widespread than Hollywood portrays. RAGE Frameworks, a provider of knowledge-based automation technology and services, epitomizes that reality. The Dedham, Massachusetts–based company has developed artificial intelligence technology that scans mountains of structured or unstructured documents.” The article continues, “The engine of RAGE AI, as it’s called, sorts through the data it ingests and provides analysis or interpretation of any patterns it discovers.…

Link to Full Article: How RAGE AI Makes Artificial Intelligence More Realistic

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