How the Tunisian government revived its economy [Opinion]

Tunisia in 2025 is quite different from the Tunisia of the Arab spring (Image via Hongkiat) * This is a hypothetical look-back from the year 2025, describing what Tunisia could become. After its political revolution in 2011 that ignited the Arab Spring, Tunisia went through a decade-long period of economic stagnation. In the years that followed the Jasmine Revolution, low growth yielded to negative growth, while the world economy witnessed its biggest disruptions in a century. Stuck in the economic paradigm of the 1960s-1970s because of its inefficient government, inward looking economic elite, and dysfunctional financial system, Tunisia missed an historic opportunity. While other economies in Africa and South America shifted profoundly by investing massively in what were then emerging technologies, Tunisia kept the focus on its ailing tourism, low…

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