How To Apply Neuroscience Principles To Your Landing Pages

I recently learned some neuroscience tips at a seminar called The Human Mind & Usability, which was hosted by well-known usability experts the Nielsen Norman Group. In this article, I’ll discuss easy and effective ways to incorporate the discipline of neuroscience into landing pages. The same principles can obviously be used for other website pages too. Why is this important? Cognitive Load Reduces Our Effectiveness Our brains get overwhelmed (and, as a result, don’t work effectively) if they’re too taxed or forced to think about too many things at once. There are obviously many examples of this on the Web. Several examples are overly cluttered pages with no well-thought-out page elements; pages where the call to action isn’t in an obvious place or is hidden; page elements that wiggle and…

Link to Full Article: How To Apply Neuroscience Principles To Your Landing Pages

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