How to build a data-driven culture with credibility

Image: iStock/tonefotografia In this age of information, many leaders strive for a more data-driven culture, but they’re often missing an important component to realize this goal. To improve the analytic capability within your organization, you’ll need to change the way your workforce thinks about data. If left unmanaged, about 75% of your workforce does not put a high enough value on data to support a data-driven culture. Although you may be passionate about data-driven analysis, and your data scientists certainly hold data in high regard, the rest of your workforce will need to be persuaded. As Aristotle teaches us, there are three methods of persuasion: ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion), and logos (logic). All three are important, but today we’ll focus on ethos. If you’re trying to build a data-driven culture,…

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