How to make the most memorable TV ad, according to neuroscience

ThinkboxBrain response was tracked while the study participants watched ads ads. Consumer neuroscience research company Neuro-Insight has released a study that it says outlines the six key links between TV advertising and long-term memory encoding (LTME.) Neuro-Insight advises advertisers (more detail below) to: disregard ethnicity and gender; ignore the hard-sell; contrast the pace; show lots of conversations and affection; and drive the action with music; and time the branding with the “reveal” of the ad narrative to really make their ads pop. There is a strong correlation between LTME and decision-making. By identifying the factors in ads which stick in our mind and affect our future behavior, the analysis gives advertisers a good clue as to how to make the most memorable commercial. In a study commissioned by UK TV marketing body Thinkbox, Neuro-Insight coded more than…

Link to Full Article: How to make the most memorable TV ad, according to neuroscience

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