Human Intuition Vs. Marketing Data: Forging A New Alliance

As marketing analytics continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, an interesting race is beginning to take shape: human intuition vs. machine-based intelligence. Earlier this month, MIT researchers announced they’ve developed an algorithm that can trump human intuition. The “data vs. intuition” debate also popped up in multiple sessions at last month’s Advertising Week in New York, and it has been a recurring theme for years. But in many ways, the conflict between human intuition and machine data is a false one. The real answer lies in changing the way humans interact with machines, and designing this new alliance is particularly important for marketers. Intuition Is Data There’s one interesting element of this “humans vs. machines” analytics discussion that isn’t addressed often, and that’s the fact that the human brain remains one of the…

Link to Full Article: Human Intuition Vs. Marketing Data: Forging A New Alliance

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