Human vs. Machine Music Curation: Why We Need Anarchy In The AI

In a recent dig at Apple Music, Google’s Eric Schmidt spoke out against human curated playlists, instead praising the idea of an artificially intelligent “tastemaker” service, designed to find the “next next big thing.” But can A.I. truly hope to compete with the personalized touch of human curation? ______________________________________ Guest Post by Jim McDermott on Medium In a recent BBC New Editorial about intelligent machines, Google Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt stooped to comment about digital music services, and in a perceived shot at Apple Music, said: “In the next generation of software, machine learning won’t just be an add-on that improves performance a few percentage points; it will really replace traditional approaches. To give just one example: a decade ago, to launch a digital music service, you probably would have enlisted a handful of elite tastemakers…

Link to Full Article: Human vs. Machine Music Curation: Why We Need Anarchy In The AI

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