Humans’ Gemma Chan: “We’re sleepwalking into our own annihilation”

Gemma Chan is not normally a difficult interviewee, but something’s different today. While her initial greeting is cheerful, the 33-year-old actress seems distant, failing to meet my eye. When she does reply, her answers are somehow… robotic. “Can you hear me?” she asks twice over the video call we’re sharing, but when I answer she just stares ahead, stone-faced and glassy-eyed.Frankly, she’s more like her synth character Anita in Humans than her usual self, and my inner explanations for her behaviour have begun to shift from “She’s playing a weird joke” to “The robot uprising has already begun”. So what on earth is going on? Well, as it turns out I was half right, as moments later the real Chan bursts into the room to inform me that…

Link to Full Article: Humans’ Gemma Chan: “We’re sleepwalking into our own annihilation”

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