IBM and XPrize Bet Million on Making Us Forget About Skynet

IBM and XPrize announced on Wednesday the launch of the IBM Watson A.I. XPrize, a $5 million challenge to use IBM’s artificial intelligence platform to apply A.I. in novel ways. They’re shooting for nothing less than solving humanity’s thorniest problems — climate change, medicine, and education, for instance — but there’s another, less tangible goal. Such a public display of A.I. affection, the challenge creators hope, will steer us away from the idea that all artificially intelligent roads lead to Skynet and robot apocalypse. The evil A.I. narrative is one that XPrize founder Peter Diamandis describes as a tiring dystopian vision — but it doesn’t mean everyone else has given up on Ultron. There are plenty of reasons why people might take a dim view of artificial intelligence, be it…

Link to Full Article: IBM and XPrize Bet Million on Making Us Forget About Skynet

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