IBM Yucks It Up With Artificial Humor

It could happen to you: You’re seated around a conference table with your fellow employees, talking with each other on Yammer or Slack because it’s that much easier than speech itself. But it’s dull. The endless streams of unrestrained emoji have brought everyone down. And if not for the absence of an online connection with yourself, you’d be saying to yourself, “Gee, I wish some form of artificial intelligence could inject some much-needed humor into our daily discourse.” Fear not, for like the White Tornado that came to housewives’ rescue in 1960s detergent commercials, IBM Watson has come forth with the solution: artificial humor. “What do you call a murderer with moral fiber? A cereal killer!” announced Vinith Misra, an IBM Research staffer and consultant on the HBO series Silicon…

Link to Full Article: IBM Yucks It Up With Artificial Humor

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