IBM’s Watson Will Give Personalized Suggestions For Cancer Patients

PRNewswire gave us insight into the partnership between IBM Watson and the New York Genome Center, at the White House Precision Medicine Initiative Summit. The two have collaborated to produce personalized cancer treatments based on individual variation in genes. IBM and New York Genome Center are creating an open repository of cancer data, consisting of genome sequencing, exome sequencing, and clinical data. The amassed data will be fed into Watson for a precision medicine approach, by suggesting treatment options to clinicians, based on an individuals cancer-causing mutations. The project has three processing stages. First, genetic information from 200 cancer patients will be examined to see how different genome sequencing responds to different treatments. After that, Watson will be trained to analyze this data and make findings based on clinical evidence.…

Link to Full Article: IBM’s Watson Will Give Personalized Suggestions For Cancer Patients

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