Inside The Hack Rod, The World’s First AI&Designed Car

When you hear about a plan to build the first car ever designed and engineered by an artificially intelligent system, it sounds compelling. Especially when the men explaining their vision are named—I kid you not—Mickey and Mouse. The car, known as the Hack Rod, could well be the first vehicle with a nervous system. The brainchild of the Primordial Research Project, a collaboration between design software giant Autodesk and the balls-to-the-wall media company Bandito Brothers— producers of projects as disparate as a Hollywood military blockbuster starring anonymous real-life Navy SEALs and a world-record jump starring a life-size Hot Wheels—the idea was to let a computer create the perfect car based on innumerable volumes of real-world data. The ringleaders of this particular project are Autodesk research fellow Mickey McManus and Bandito…

Link to Full Article: Inside The Hack Rod, The World’s First AI&Designed Car

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